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They come in waves. Like a teeter-totter, you can be touching the clouds one minute, and kicking dirt the next.

What often gets me through the bad days is knowing that my bad days reflect someones best. That my bad days are wished for at 11:11. That life isn’t so bad, that things could be worse. While a small pity party for 1 may be helpful for a few minutes (maybe 15), channeling that energy into a positive outcome is often better for you, and your spirit.

Today, on a walk to clear my head, vent and grab good food with a friend, I was told it’s a rare quality for women to be strong enough to take the negative and do something positive with it. That we are so hurtful to one another, that over time, we start believing it. That men can often make us vulnerable, and then use that against us. But that folding all of that bullshit into a neat package, and tying it with a pretty bow, and putting it on a shelf, and reminding ourselves of our strength in spite of it all – that’s the sign of a powerful female.

It’s my petite note to you – if it’s a bad day, like it is for me. Keep your head held high gorgeous, they are plenty of people who would kill to see you fall.