Back to school, sigh. I love this time of year.

Today I woke up, and really wanted to be sporting a backpack. I’m talking, dying for a chance to rock the 2 strap. Didn’t happen, but I did reminisce about my fallen soliders. The backpacks that held it down for me growing up. So many memories.

The World Famous Rucksack


Thanks to my lovely friend Shawn Hawai for helping me find a picture of this! You sir are wonderful. I had this backpack in middle school and wrote all over it. I  feel like everyone and their uncle had this. It was by far the worst backpack I have ever used, but man did we have some good times.

Elementary school was all about Barbie. This isn’t the exact one I had (mine was way cooler with a mini backpack for sticker storage). But, you catch my drift. The pinker, the better.

High school – Roots. I worked at Roots through high school, and wore all of it, right down to the boots. But the backpacks in plaid, second to none. Then the shoulder bag trend came and we all busted our shoulders for life – but hey, fashion baby.

Other than that – I kind of wish I was wearing this…


Oh, memories…

Happy Schooling, kittens!



Pics were found here, here, here, here and here.