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My peace is gone, my heart is heavy.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every single living breathing soul on this earth is dealing with an emotional struggle. All of us. Yet, often, we feel like we’re alone in the fight. We simply feel like we’re alone.

Writers write in order to release. Or at least, I do. Too often this heavy heart of mine will lower me, and the only way of keeping afloat is to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. Which is why I have this blog; a place to keep the collection of thoughts in my head – or at least the ones I feel like sharing.

Writers also tend to write for others to read, and I must say, when I see the little counter say how many people have read a piece of my prose, it makes me smile. Lately I have had some readers, many of them friends, and some strangers, tell me what they were able to ‘get’ from my writing. And what I realized is, I’m not alone in all of the confusion I write about. And for that, I cannot give enough thank you’s. Those two words don’t even seem to do it justice.

In this world it seems that all anyone is trying to do is be accepted. Or validated. Or understood.  Perched high above the going’s on of the city; the hustle and bustle, the specs of human connections, triumphs and tragedies, my words have somehow made someone else feel like they’re not abandoned to be strong all on their own. And my dears, you aren’t either. I get it.


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