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I love shopping. It’s fall, and shopping at the market is just one of the most splendid activities a girl can partake in on a Saturday morning.

Earlier this year I read a blog written by a friend on his week in food. A great read, I highly recommend giving it a glance. The real value add I received from it is what we consume on a weekly basis, vs. what other families around the world eat. And for me, a lot of it is now produce.

St. Jacob’s Market is a wonderful place to be inspired. Food for thought took on a new meaning as I roamed the stalls, in search for new tastes and ideas. The produce was simply put – unreal, and I wanted to share a few photos I took while there.

Do yourself a favour, and see how many different veggies and fruits you can incorporate into your diet this week. You, and your body, won’t regret it.

Happy Monday 🙂