The internet is often a place for hate.

After watching Jennifer Livingston, a WKBT anchor, discuss an email she received from a viewer regarding her weight, I felt like I had someone to latch onto.

After the end of the 2012 lacrosse season, on Mother’s Day when I was with my whole family, I received a tweet that congratulated me as I must be pregnant, since I had been getting bigger and bigger all year. And in that moment, my heart broke.

Like Jennifer, I to have put myself in the public eye. Yes, on a smaller scale, but the idea of being judged on your appearance rather than your talent is still alive and well for me. And I have to say, that comment stuck with me for a long time. Many, after the same game, wished me well for the off-season, said how much fun they had at games that season, but my focus was on one comment that seemed to destroy all the others.

I agree with Jennifer. She is so accurate that she, and I, and all women, are more than just what you see. And I hope, for the sake of society, that we cut out the bullying – especially online – and start being kind. Typing with sweetness rather than a salty attitude.

I didn’t know the man who, in all essence, called me fat. You may not know the next person you tweet to, causing emotional harm. But the sting of the words hurt just the same.

Keyboard Warriors – I hope one day they’re defeated.

It all starts with you.

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