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First of all, I am no music expert – I just listen, and love. That’s all. I also dance, and shuffle with a beer in hand.

Ashley and I went to Indie Week! We saw some semi-final action, and of course, went to the main event on Sunday night to watch the top 10 bands perform 15 minute sets. You can check out what Indie Week is all about here, but I kinda like the idea because it’s in Toronto and Ireland (hello, can’t get much better than that).

The best part about it – I got to listen to a ton of bands I wouldn’t normally see (I’ll prove that later *cough, heavy metal, cough*). But in no particular order, here are a few bands I think you should check out.

Kingdom of Few

Hailing from Calgary, Ash and I met the band during the semi-finals after just missing their performance that night at the Hideout. Luckily they closed out the finals, and they weren’t lying – they’re pretty good. Easy to listen to Rock n’ Roll. Favourite Song: On The Corner


They stole the show for me. Not only was the lead singer very talented, she was also extremely humble. I heard a lot of rumblings that they had no image, but I liked their eclectic vibe. I’ll be checking out another show in Toronto, for sure. Electric Soul. Favourite Song: This Feeling – which happens to be the single off their EP

The Stogies

I liked these East Coasters! They placed 2nd, and while it came as a bit of a shock given some of the serious talent on stage, I liked what they put down. No nonsense Rock n’ Roll, check em out! Favourite Song: Chain Smoking

Burning the Day

I know nothing about heavy metal music. I couldn’t pick a good band in that genre. But I got to see these guys twice, and I’m convinced they’re legit. While you couldn’t pay me to see a heavy metal concert for 2 hours, they put a solid 15 minute set together that even I could appreciate! They also won the whole show, and happen to have a friend of mine on guitar! Congrats BTD, hailing from the T.O. Favourite Song… ? The one with all the head banging choreography.

That’s it, that’s all. I had the best time with Ashley listening to live music, seeing other Argo Alum Cheerleaders, and avoiding weird girl stares 😉 haha!

Until next year!