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That has been the question I have asked my whole life – what’s for dinner?

I have always been extremely inquisitive when it comes to what my next meal will be. Wondering – what will it taste like? Are we going out for dinner? Will I even like it? Food has never really been about fuel, but more about taste and texture and feeling good.

The war against food is one I have struggled with, until recently when I realized that food is knowledge. Food, when you know what you’re doing, can change you whole world.

I must preface that I suffer from the big bad IBS, and have a lactose and gluten intolerance. I believe that educating myself about what I can eat is the key to my own personal happiness with food. So while this may not be the key for you, here’s a few tools that I have enjoyed.

Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Diet

This book really is all about taking control of your body and your heath. The one thing you are told when you find out you have a food intolerance, is that you need to be mindful of what you eat. That takes education, and this book does just that! Do you know why you should chew your food multiple times per bite? It’s not just because Cher says so in Clueless, but it also helps to release waste with ease – food for thought.

This book also comes with a 21-Day Adventure Cleanse – which I am excited to start soon! Excited/Nervous/Scared Silly but it will be an adventure, right?!

Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin – Skinny Bitch in the Kitch 

When I asked my Pescetarian friend Michelle which cookbooks she recommended, this was one of the top on her list. I think that’s the problem with food, we’re scared to make it. I love cooking, but how do I cook without meat? How do I cook veggies in a different way? This book is filled with ideas, and ideas that can impress all.

Also – fun fact, Pescetarian is something I had never heard of! Eat fish and veggies? That’s the term for you.

Chloe Coscarelli – Chloe’s Kitchen

Vegan? How can I cook Vegan?? How can I live without cupcakes? Well, here’s how! Chloe Coscarelli won cupcake wars with her, included in the book, recipe. It’s not scary, it’s not scary, it’s not scary. Keep saying that over and over because all of the recipes look and taste delicious!

I’ll be sure to post a few once I tackle them from all of the books above!

Maybe this will be my little place to share my food journey?

Until then, happy cooking, happy eating, and free yourself in the kitchen! Time to play.

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