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I decided, after having a very “full” December, to put down the wine glass for an entire month and get back to eating healthy and kicking bad habits. During the week, pretty easy task. But when the weekend comes, so do the temptations. On Saturday I had a few girlfriends over for a dinner party without the wine, and thought I’d share what I made!

Garlic Knots


This is such a great way to start a meal with friends. Like breadsticks with a twist, these knots can be dipped in marinara sauce (which I made with just crushed tomatoes, smashed garlic and spices). This recipe is in Chloe’s Kitchen, one of my favourite Cookbooks that I own, so make sure to pick up a copy! She even includes her award winning vegan cupcake recipe 🙂

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan Boats


I discovered Skinnytaste quite a while ago (maybe a year and a half?) and it is one of my favourite websites. Gina’s takes recipes I love and makes them healthier, perfecto! As soon as I saw these pop up on Friday, I knew I wanted to give them a-go. Spaghetti Squash is delicious, and nutritious, and is the perfect replacement for pasta that tends to weigh you down.

Berry Surprise

For dessert we had mixed berries, but with a surprise! Some of the raspberries had a carob chip inside. Just sneak them in after you’ve given them a quick wash, and you’ll have a special treat.

Blood Orange Mocktail


Well we couldn’t do Sober January without a fun drink! We combined Blood Orange Juice with Perrier and a few berries. Definitely did the trick.


Until January ends, no more Champagne, but nothing is better than dinner with a few girlfriends, with laughs as your ab workout 😉

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