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I love spinning.


In case you haven’t come to that conclusion from my posts on Twitter and check-in’s on Foursquare, I’m a tad bit obsessed.

When I moved last year I realized there was a great studio space down the street from me, and had heard wonderful things about it. Quad East was everything I had been looking for – a spot for a great workout, and a true sense of community. Growing up dancing, I could never get into the gym scene. There was no one there to yell at me and motivate me. No familiar faces. No smiling! I wanted a place that I felt was my second home during the week. I needed to feel inspired.

Quad East did just that. I started attending Bods Tuesday night classes and was HOOKED! His way of teaching had me in stitches, and constantly engaged. I loved the music, and that I could request my favourites songs on Twitter prior to class. My friends would sometimes join me, but often I was determined to go on my own because I loved the feeling I got when spinning. It was my new version of a night club, just a really sweaty one.


January 22nd, GapFit took over Quad’s King St. location! I had never been so I rallied a few of my fitness friends and besties (Robyn and Leslie) to join me! Not only did we get a free class, but also new GapFit pants! Micheline, the owner of all locations, had me pushing myself to the extreme with a mix of great music (Demi Lovato will always get me singing) and motivating words. 45 minutes was over in a flash!


If you haven’t tried Quad, I highly recommend it! There is also a location in Oakville for you suburban folk. Exercise is personal, Quad East just makes sense to me, and I’m thankful for it. 4 times a week can’t be wrong.


I’ll see you on the bike!

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