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I was still wearing tie-dye when my Granny was alive. I remember her last few moments with us, very frail while we visited and watched daytime TV like the Price is Right. Her knitting, until she couldn’t anymore. I knew she did this because of my baby booties. But, like most of us who only have some loved ones for a short amount of time, I don’t have many memories.

I hear stories. I see VHS home movies. That’s it. Small bite sized memores.

When she passed away, her jewellery was given to all of her grand and great granddaughters. I received a string of crystal cream pearls with diamonds. I was young, had no desire to wear pearls, so I put them away safely. Saturday, I thought about them while spending the weekend with my Mom. I dug them up, popped open the necklace box, and there they were, as beautiful as could be. I’m glad I waited.


What I hope is that by wearing her pearls, it brings me closer to her. She was the Mother of one of the most important men in my life, my Granda. She must have been delightful in her early age. I bet she twirled. I wonder where she wore them? Was she in love when she put them on? Did they make her feel special? Were they her favourite, and wore them only on special occasions? Did she make sure to pack them tightly when traveling to Canada? I wonder all of this.

I won’t get those questions answered, they really don’t need to be. I plan on making special memories with them on, and include her in every one of them.



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