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What a journey the past few weeks has been!


The Mind・Body・Soul series started when I went back to school in January.

A little on that: currently, I am taking my Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications Management at the University of Toronto. Our class is a group of fine folks and instructors who have been both motivating and inspirational. One of our assignments was to create a blog, and write 16 posts. But, I already have my blog! Instead of creating a new space, I created a series on Food with 3 perspectives: the Mind, the Body and the Soul.

What I must say is thank you. I can’t thank everyone enough for reading my recipes and leaving your comments. Because of you, I am keeping up the newest addition to my blog! I will still be cooking up a storm, and leaving my recipes in the “Food and Wine” section. You can also look for recipes easily by  Recipe: ____ as the title. Let me know if you try something, and what you thought!

I have realized that while home may be where the heart is, the kitchen is where my soul is. As it was mentioned to me last week by a friend, my first ingredient, even though it isn’t listed, is always love.


And, you’re always welcome at my table.

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