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This series just makes me smile 🙂

3rd up – Kat Stefankiewicz! We met at a patio launch party at e11even 2 years ago. While sipping on cocktails and nibbling on delicious bites to eat, we bonded over hosting a Toronto sports team and dancing!


Kat is a triple threat, combining Sports, Social Media, and a passion we share – dance. I think it’s Kat’s demeanour that really separates her from the crowd. She interviews people, and therefore has to talk for work. But, she listens intently. She is the former Captain of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak, the In-Game Host of the Raps, Host/Reporter over at NBA TV Canada, and has a sense of style that is unmatched. Plus, she blogs over at katstefankiewicz.com.

Here are Kat’s answers to shankell.com’s 5th Birthday questions:

What motivates you to get up every day?
Well the message on my alarm reads, “Get your butt out of bed. Today is a good day.” so I feel like I’d be disappointing mister alarm clock if I didn’t. When you love what you do and are able to find a balance of absorbing just as much as you give from your day, it’s addicting. My heart is happy when you’re happy, and I’m a lucky lady to be engaged in an atmosphere that makes people smile.


If you could change 1 thing about your career what would it be?
Since I was young I never wanted to miss a thing. I grabbed at every opportunity. I learned that it’s okay to not be able to do it all. I also learned that you need to hustle to get where you want to get because someone is always better than you. There are days in my career that are over capacity. That said, I always want more. I stand on two legs as a host, actor, dancer, writer and choreographer, constantly searching for more challenges and inspiration. I am also currently working on a device that allows me to be in two places at once. I’m kidding. Kind of.

It’s shankell.com’s 5th birthday, what would you tell your 5 year old self?
Live in the moment. You spend the first half of your life planning your future and the second half reliving your past. Imperfect perfection is beautiful. Just you is enough. Give into the weight of good and bad days because they are all there for a reason and one day you’ll know why. Find the meaning of balance because it saves you. So do naps. Naps save lives. And as Miss Kelly would say, wear pearls to the ballpark! Never lose that sassy, vulnerable, free spirited kid in your heart. That’s who will help get you through.


Inspiration comes in all forms, what was the last thing that inspired you?

I have been practicing yoga for about five years now and at first I was attending with a workout mind frame but now it’s a therapeutic escape for me. In the hustle of big city life I believe in finding something to equal you out. When class got hard this past week, my yoga teacher said “Do this pose like you want to live life.” Think about it.

Your advice to career focused women in 1 sentence would be:
Work hard, stay humble, never stop learning and leave a positive impression on everyone you meet because the world is a small place and your optimistic energy will bring you victory.


She’s awesome, eh. To chat with Kat follow her on Twitter!