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When all we asked for was one tolerable hour, and what we got was four times the pleasantry, why can’t that be enough?

I’m perplexed. Truth be told, absolutely dumbfounded, that we got off to such a great start. Odds always seem against the singles. The cards of life always stacked against us. Weddings are a plus one affair. Season tickets to amusement parks are sold in fours (which requires a plus one to arrive at the plus three, basic math). But, one delightfully sunny afternoon, we simply, and easily, existed.


I think I smiled more that day than I have in months.

A snap of the fingers later, and it seems I created that in my head. Lost in utter translation – the boy language that may as well be Latin. That is why dating is so hard, because once we are gone we are left to wonder how it all went, instead of just being satisfied with the time well spent.

Where is this going? What are we doing? Will I ever hear from them again? The dreaded W’s filled entirely with self-doubt and riddled with ghosts of boyfriends past. The questions never stop, they’re on a constant cycle – no beginning, no end.

Until, it begins again.

I’m not sure where all this is going myself, but do know that I should have expected less and been happier with the effortless flow of conversation, sitting across from someone who reminded me that we can begin again. Hearts break, begin again. Distance grows, begin again. Adventures are what keeps life progressing. Begin again.

And that’s just a little something I’m working on…


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