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Well hello there, CFL season. Welcome back 🙂

Week 1 is in the books, and while I am 4-0, you can’t ride off of your week 1 picks. They were pretty easy, if I’m being honest. The top dogs came to play, but this week, with the spread, it may be trickier. Here are my picks for week 2 in the CFL.


WPG / MTL –8.5

Winnipeg earned their middle two quarters in their game against the Alouettes to open their home season, which was nice to see in their new stadium. It was SO LOUD! When Buck Pierce settled in, he connected. He’s a great QB when he wants to be. The problem is the Bombers are currently riddled with mistakes. I don’t know if they can clean it up for 4 quarters. An interception to Byron Parker isn’t how they will contend this week in Montreal. I mean, Anthony Calvillo is also really showing why he is still in this league, but his team will also need to play a full 4 quarters successfully to beat the Bombers again. Might be easier in their house. I’m not sure about Pierce, he needs to step up or throw in the towel. I’d hate to see them at the bottom of the standings week in and week out, again. I’m giving it to MTL with that margin.

TOR / BC –5.0

I can’t see BC losing their home opener, especially after their playoff performance last year. There just seems to be an energy in the New BC Place. Having said that, BC’s D was NO match for Jon Cornish last week. With no real Cornish twin like that in the Argos/Hamilton game, I don’t think we’ll see the same issue this week. The deciding factor will really be if the Argos secondary can contain the Lions O, and I expect to see Gore explode against them – he’ll be starting after a deep bruise on his thigh.

CGY +1.0 / SASK

Jon Cornish – the beast is back! 172 yards and 2 TD’s – oh baby! Calgary was hot against BC all game long. While the Roughriders exposed a pretty brutal Edmonton Eskimos team, at least for most of the game, I don’t think they’ll have the same luck against the Stamps. Simple choice, stick with Calgary, even in the sea of Green.

EDM / HAM -7.5

Edmonton has a few issues to work out, mainly the performance of their QB Mike Reilly. I don’t think that will be settled for Sunday for a full 4 quarters, even though they didn’t look terrible in the last few minutes of play. I think they need more time. Therefore, though I don’t think Hamilton was as good as they looked against the Argos, it should be an easy victory for them. Henry Burris and his O are still fantastic, and will put up a lot of points. Even with the spread, if Edmonton has a hope, they need to contain the return game. Lamar, who made history last week with a TD off his first career touch, can’t run against the Esks like he did the Argos if they want a shot.


For more, listen to this weeks 3rd and Long on CBC Sports – enjoy the games!