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What a nightmare week 2 was, well, at least for me. Between a rainy Hamilton self-destruction to a Calgary collapse, no wonder I went 1-3. But, we’re onto a new week, and new picks. Here’s what I think will go down in week 3 of the CFL. 

Pssttt… it’s a week of away teams for me.


SASK +2.0 / TOR

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But are the Argos “desperate” enough yet. Maybe another loss and they will be. They were bad against BC, bad. They cannot afford to play 2 games back-to-back like that if they want to repeat. Start the season the way you want to end it. The deciding factor here will be Kory Sheets. He was impressive last week and if he continues to dominate the game tonight, the Argos will be out to sea without a life jacket (see what I did there). This should be a close game, but despite the urgency Toronto should have, I’m giving this to the Durant-Sheets crew.

CGY +3.5 / MTL

Really Montreal, really? Fail in week 2. Onto Calgary. I like Kevin Glenn. I think he is a great QB and can lead this team. Montreal played an abismal game against Winnipeg and even though their pride will be a tad bruised playing against the home crowd, I can’t see them stopping Cornish. He has a lot to prove from last week if he wants to remain the number 1 RB in the league. Calgary with the win, I hope.

WPG +4.5 / HAM

This game is going to be close. With the rain in Hamilton (thank God I didn’t go to that) it was tough to see a polished and tight Ticats team. Just like the Argos, the Black and Gold need a tick in the win column. They may pull out the win, but not by much. If you’re playing the odds, pick Winnipeg. Also, expect to see Burris hit the turf, and often. Sack-on-sack-on-sack.

BC – 4.5 / EDM

As predicted, last week BC dominated. Rarrrr (lion noise). I think this will be the team to watch out for this year. Edmonton looked good against a soggy pack of cats, they even looked like contenders!, but they won’t against the Lions. Expect a blowout.


For more, listen to this weeks 3rd and Long on CBC Sports – enjoy the games!