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Oh hey there week 3, nice to have seen you just as I predicted! My picks were pretty spot on, being only .5 of a point away from a clean sweep is a good sign. This week should be pretty easy. With wide spreads and good teams paired up with, well, not so great teams, stick with me and you’ll be sipping margaritas with your winnings next week!


TOR / WPG +3.5

Toronto, didn’t think you would be 1-2 did ya? Each Eastern team has one win a piece, all of them! Both Winnipeg and Toronto will be vying for a top spot by the end of the weekend. The stadium in Winnipeg should play against Toronto. They are not used to playing in a loud stadium (hello Rogers Centre), and the last time they did (BC) it wasn’t a great game for them. Toronto might be the better team on paper, but I am giving this one to Winnipeg. Atmosphere, help me out!

MTL / CGY -7.0

This is a no brainer, Calgary is simply the better team. Expect the same outcome as last week, as Kevin Glenn continues to lead this team to the promise land. Maybe Drew Tate just isn’t the man for the job after all?!

EDM +9.0 / BC

This game should play out the same way as last week… except, look at the spread. Kavis Reed spoke to the media after the loss last week and I have never seen him so emotional. To say jobs are on the line is an understatement. They will do their best to keep it close, if not win. Otherwise, you will see a lot of heads roll in Edmonton next week. I’m hoping they clean it up and give themselves a fighting chance.

HAM / SASK -6.5

Like I’ve stated above, Sask is just the better team. I expect them to be the top contender in the West and can’t wait for them to play BC to see who prevails. Right now, Durant and Sheets should steam role. One touchdown wins the spread? Easy!


For more CFL action, listen to this weeks 3rd and Long on CBC Sports – enjoy the games!