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Week 5 was a tale of the back-up QB’s. The shining stars would have to be the Toronto Argonauts Zach Collaros who completed 21 of 25 attempts, and Bo Levi Mitchell who completed 29 of 22; both got the victory. You can be as good of a QB as you want (ie: Henry Burris) but if you don’t win games, no one’s praising you. The Als also got a win which should give them some forward momentum, but while they’re on a bye-week, they also lost their Head Coach. It will be interesting to see how they come back in week 7. On our show this week, I also ranted about the Ottawa REDBLACKS. Click below to have a listen… I think the name is horrendous (also, all caps? Come on).

2 games this week, let’s break it down!



There’s something to be said about being desperate for a win. I believe teams play differently when it’s against the worst of the worst. The 2 bottoms teams play each other this week, who wants to remain there? No one. I think Edmonton has settled in with Mike Reilly, and will perform better as a whole than the Hamilton Ticats. The Ticats secondary is inexperienced, they don’t have the agility and quickness that Chris Williams brings, and it should be another fail on their part. Kavis Reed runs a tight ship, and he is craving a win at home.


This should be an easy pick. BC lost, badly, to the Toronto Argos on Tuesday night. No Touchdowns, only field goals, they can’t afford to have another game like that. With Pierce and Goltz both injured, the Bombers may be looking to Max Hall to lead their team. While he could put up a stellar performance like Collaros did for the Argos, I am going to air on the side of caution. Also, BC had a great game on paper, they just couldn’t get it in the end zone. Monday they will, make no mistake.


For more CFL action, listen to this weeks 3rd and Long on CBC Sports – enjoy the games!