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My heart is a tad heavy today. We aired our last 3rd and Long episode on CBC Sports this morning. It is bittersweet, as what’s in store for us isn’t ready to be announced, but CBC Sports is where we got our start.

Carlan and Andy asked me to join Team 3RD during their second show, and we’ve been a family ever since. They are definitely brothers I never asked for! But I love them both to pieces. What was once a bright idea to turn my football knowledge into a lighthearted segmented has grown to a place where YOU, the CFL fans, come to find out who I actually think is going to win. It’s made me humble, and thankful, and work harder than I can tell you. While I am still often referred to as a former CFL Cheerleader, I have, to my surprise, been called a CFL Analyst and for that, I thank you.

In the interim, I will still be posting my predictions right here. Join me, we’ll have some fun 🙂

2 games this week, let’s do this!


TOR / MTL +1.5 

With Jim Popp at the helm, things in Montreal will be a little different. Jobs are now officially on the line (they canned their head coach in 6 weeks, they’ll can you). It isn’t so much a game of “will Toronto show up and play like they did 2 weeks ago”? It’s a game of “will Montreal take charge, makes changes”? I think they will. Keeping it tight, with that narrow margin of the spread, my money is riding on the Als.

SASK +3.0 / CGY

I have been looking forward to this match up all season long. Once the Riders emerged as the “Green and White Delight” I wanted to see them play the Stamps. Whoever wins will be my pick for Grey Cup Champs, I just have that feeling this year. Focus on Drew Tate. Jobs are on the line in Montreal, and some would say his is too. Mitchell and Glenn played well, and with that many back-up QB’s doing their job, you have more to prove. Plus, Jon Cornish will be looking to prove to the Kory Sheets fan club that he is the #1 RB in the league. I think the pressure gets to them, and Sask runs away with it. Close, but not close enough.


For more CFL action, listen to the last show of 3rd and Long on CBC Sports – and as always, enjoy the games!