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Summertime is corn on the cob time. There is no better side dish.

When we were at the cottage this weekend, we ran out of butter. What’s a girl to do without butter for corn on the cob? I thought we were sunk. I really did. But, what I realized is that butter takes the corn and really makes it an unhealthy option. Removing the butter but adding in flavour was a great change-up. Read about how else we switched it up at the Cottage in my post about Muskoka, and of course the recipe for Summertime Sangria (two kinds!)


Lemon Pepper Corn on the Cob

What You’ll Need

  • Local Corn on the Cob
  • Lemon
  • Salt and Pepper

What To Do

Pull away the husks but keep them in tact. Remove the silks and discard. Roast the corn on your grill, turning every 2-3 minutes. Timing will vary based on the temperature of the grill.

Squeeze lemon over the entire corn on the cob and sprinkle salt and a good amount of pepper.

Simple, but delicious!

Next time I am trying lime and chili pepper 🙂