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Yikes. Last weeks picks were a bit of a bust, to say the least. This week I am back, and I feel confident with my choices.

Do you know it’s only 101 days away from the 101st Grey Cup?


That’s a little old school 2007 Grey Cup photo to celebrate the countdown. Now, let’s get this picking party started.


HAM -4.0 / WPG

Andy Fantuz is back in the mix this week as the Ticats head to Winnipeg for Friday nights match-up. Which means the Rum Hut will be open, friends. Winnipeg has only won 1 game. It’s week 8, you do the math (tricked ya, they have lost 6). The point is, these 2 teams are the worst in the East, but compared to each other, Hamilton edges ahead. I expect them to get their 2nd win against the Bombers and improve their record.

MTL / SASK -12.0

The Riders will win this game, make no mistake about it. But by 12 points? That’s a risky gamble. I say play it. Last week the Als lost to the Argos 38-13 (which is odd, the Argos have had 2 games back-to-back where they got 38 points). With that kind of gap, the Riders, who are a great team, should do the same. Plus, the Roughriders smelled a loss last week and will be out to prove that was a one-time-only mistake.

CGY +3.o / BC

This is a tough one. BC has gone 3-0 at home, but Calgary has won their last 4 games. Who do you choose? I stay stick with Calgary. Jon Cornish is impressive, to say the least, plus with the extra 3 points to cover, in a close game, you always pick the “underdog”. With Tate out, again, and Kevin Glenn in, the job will get done.


With no lines on this game, Toronto is your clear winner. Edmonton has the same abysmal record as Winnipeg, while Toronto sits a top of the East. JC Sherritt is also out, which is no help to the Esks in any way. I expect this to be a blow out, with no less than 35 points on the board for the Argos.

Enjoy the games!