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I feel like we broke up for a bit, and I’m sorry.


No tears, Tebow.

I’ve missed the last few weeks, it’s been a busy end to the summer, but baby, I’m back! Let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that have happened. Buck Pierce headed to BC, for the second time. I’m not entirely sure what he’ll be able to add, or what BC thinks he’s going to do for them, but this reminds me of buying a beater in high school to last you through College – and then it falls apart. The Bombers also beat the Riders in the Bango Bowl, the Ticats beat the Lions, and the Stamps barely beat the Esks. I picked quite the excellent weeks to lay low (who would have predicted those?) No more small talk, let’s get to this week.


HAM +6.0 / CGY

I think this should be a close game. Hamilton keeps on trucking and grabbing W’s, and are one spot away from the Argos. They will be hungry. Calgary is the better team, and have won all 4 home games this season. Jon Cornish also needs 60 yards to crack 1,000 for a second consecutive season, making this a game to make waves. While I believe in Burris and his ability to lead the cats to the top of the division, it’ll be a hard game to win outright. Hamilton stays close, which is why I give them the nod.

WPG / EDM – 5.0

Edmonton needs to end their losing streak. They’re currently 1-9 for the season, and haven’t won a game since July. On top of that, they kept the game tight versus the Stamps two weeks ago and probably learned a lot of lessons to take into this game against a rather weak Bomber team. With Winnipeg at 2-8, I am going to give this to Mike Reilly, who looks to be the beacon of light for the Esks.

TOR +8.0 / SSK

The Riders have something to prove after losing to the Bombers. I suspect they will win this game, but by 8? I am not too sure. The Argos are sitting at the top of the East and can feel the Ticats on their backs. It’ll be time for both teams to show a good performance, but just like their last match-up, this one is probably coming up green and white delight. Playing the odds? Go double blue.

MTL / BC -8.5

Rarely does any East team win in BC. It just isn’t done. It may be the time change, but I think it’s also just a tough stadium to get a W in. BC will be playing a different game this week and I am suspecting they will be steam rolling all over the Als, no matter how well they play. Even with the spread, I would take the Lions.

That’s it for me this week, enjoy the games!