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This is going to be a bit of an overshare, but I’ve been going for, well… Brazilian’s, since I was about 19 years old. Every 4-5 weeks I’ve dropped trou and bared all only to have one of the most painful 25 minutes of my life occur. Painful, with a capital P. No matter what anyone tells you, this isn’t going to be a walk in a garden, holding hands with David Beckham, on a sunny day. But, I promise you, some places are way better than others.

When I was given the invite to try the famous Quickzilian at Allure Body Bar I was a tad hesitant. I have been to many spas that provide waxing, and actual wax bars. If you’re curious to know which one I will never go back to, send me an email, but recently I’ve been a WAXON regular and I truthfully believed it couldn’t get much better.


Photo Credit: Allure Body Bar

It does. It gets much, much better!

For me, the fear of the pain never gets old. I don’t particularly care how delightful the place is, I always slowly walk up, and have to talk myself out of turning around and going straight back home. I love the results, but let me list what has happened to me.


  • bled
  • bruised
  • been burnt
  • been left patchy
  • had someone inexperienced
  • and; been made entirely uncomfortable

So believe me when I say, I’ve been there, done that, and know you don’t want to go through that too.


When I strolled up to Allure Body Bar, just East of Pape Subway Station on the Danforth, I had that same hesitant feeling, but as soon as I walked in and saw the bright reception area, I knew I would be ok. Alaa, one of the business partners, greeted me by name and showed me to the waxing room.

Photo Credit: Allure Body Bar

Photo Credit: Allure Body Bar

It was clean, bright, and big enough that I didn’t have to uncomfortably undress in the corner. Alaa showed me where the wipes were to clean up, and provided me with a glass of water.

8 minutes later, I was done. 8 MINUTES! I know you have 8 minutes to spare. Again, nowhere is going to provide a painless brazily, it’s just not plausible. But it can be quick, efficient, and executed perfectly. My favourite part was that Alaa never double dipped. Think about that, double dipping into wax. It sounds (and is) gross, but it happens.

After the quickest brazilian I have ever had, Alaa sprayed witch hazel to soothe and heal, and then recommended a LOVEFRESH lotion (lavender for me) to apply before getting dressed. I was in and out in a flash!

I want to thank Alaa for the lovely gift: reading material on pre and post-waxing, an exfoliant glove, and PFB Vanish. I can’t wait to give it a whirl.


Best part? The Quickzilian is only $35. You read that correctly. Mine will no longer cost me an arm and a leg, or a membership card. And, if you like buying in bulk, you purchase up front and you’ll get a few for free. Find out more by checking out their website.

But of course, I want one of you to experience the Quickzilian too!

CONTEST: Follow me and Allure Body Bar on Twitter to qualify, and leave a comment saying what your biggest fear is when getting a Brazilian. I will randomly choose a winner* on Monday September 30th.

*must be a Toronto resident, good luck!

Thank you to Pennant Media and Allure Body Bar for having me in to review the Quickzilian, and for providing the fabulous winner with a complimentary Quickzilian service. I will be back!