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Week 12 was 4-0 and Week 13 was, well, absent. I know, I’m actually terrible at this. For the record, I did pick all game winners, but I don’t think that was too tough. Let’s move on to Week 14! I am heading out to Guelph to see the Ticats play the Stamps. RIP Ivor Wynne. Nothing like fall, football, and beer. I wish beer started with an ‘f’ that would have worked nicely.


BC -5.5 / WPG

This deserves a very brief explanation – look at the standings. Ok, bye.

CGY / HAM -2.0

This will be a close game and I am totally looking forward to it. Here’s where Hamilton has the advantage, Henry Burris. He’ll have to improve from last week, but this is the game to do it. The pressure is on in the East, they have home field advantage, and with a little SK luck, this could be their game. I give the nod to the boys in black and yellow.

TOR pk / EDM

Top of the charts, Toronto picks up another win, hands down.

SSK -3.5 / MTL

Sask can’t lose 4 in a row, I’m very much a believer that good teams turn it around when the pressure is on. The pressure is on, dialed all the way up.  Montreal is a 4-8 team and Saskatchewan cannot afford to be 8-5 in the West. I see them pulling this off in a major way, and putting the last 3 weeks behind them.

That’s it for me this week, enjoy the games!