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Ok, maybe not lazy per se… but definitely bringing back unbusy. For some odd reason we started glorifying busy. Everyone is busy these days and I’m so guilty of this I should be imprisoned for 25-life with parole at 10 (with the bestest behaviour).

Chloe is NOT impressed.

Either should we. Why are we so concerned with being busy? I have thought about this a lot lately. Far too many friends tell me I should slow down, that I’m the busiest person they know. I used to take that as a compliment.


Now I just wonder what on earth I am doing. Do I like being busy? Sure?! Do I love when I come home and my condo looks like someone hulk smashed around it tossing laundry and filling up my PVR? Nope, not particularly. Do I love crashing on a Friday night because I’ve been to hell and back all week trying to make every grand opening, birthday celebration, class, girls dinner, date (hahaha), or appointment? Hells no. I remember when going out for dinner was a treat, not a necessity because I didn’t schedule time for grocery shopping.

So, I’m bringing lazy back.

Consider this one of my New Year’s resolutions. I am keeping my Kate Spade agenda clear. I am actually hibernating like a little bear this winter. Like a cuddly little teddy bear who is so anti-social she doesn’t want to see you – like, ever ever ever. This may sound a little extreme, and I can appreciate that sentiment, but c’est la vie. I’m a Libra and tend to balance out my life by going from one extreme to the next only to arrive at a middle ground.

Why go from glorifying busy to glorifying hibernating? Well, there will be a few exceptions:

  • school
  • the gym
  • Jay Z and JT concerts
  • a couple charity events

That’s where I will be, feel free to come and play.

Instead of feeling FOMO, why not trying just missing out. No fear, just do it. No one needs to know you’re at home every night, sitting on your couch, marathoning Millionaire Matchmaker, because I hate to break it to you – no one cares anyway. Instagram won’t miss you, Facebook events won’t have their feelings hurt when you decline their invitation, and your friends will get over it.


large…see ya in the Spring!