Happy 2014 everyone!

I hope all is well, and you all enjoyed the, well deserved, holiday. Personally I needed the downtime, and spent most of it in the kitchen whipping up some delightful meals and treats.

These shortbread dipped cookies may just have been my favourite.

IMG_8802 IMG_8798 IMG_8797

For 2014 I am committing to a little bit more me time. This Wednesday I begin my final semester of my Certificate program at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. Not only am I looking forward to getting back to class with some wonderful friends, but also graduating (for the 4th time if you include high school!)

Plus, a little goal of mine is to go to culinary school as a treat to myself. I am hoping to enrol, if all goes well, in the fall. In the meantime, I am cooking more and enjoying every minute I spend in my kitchen. Creating recipes is tough! I’m not a fan of measuring out every portion, and for the next little while I am going to cook from my heart and soul rather than my head. Later on this year, I’ll probably go back to posting some delicious recipes online, but until then, you can enjoy the years worth here.

As always, thanks for reading and happy cooking! You can still find me on Twitter, @shankell, I would love to hear from you.